The 2 Bobs

Their groundbreaking, violent video game masterpiece stolen right out from under their noses, the legendary game creators known as “the 2 Bobs” recruit a small army of geeks in order to retrieve their precious software and restore their genius reputations. It was supposed to be their crowning achievement—the game that would have the kids glued to their television sets, and the Jack Thompsons of the world fuming. But now it’s vanished, and the 2 Bobs are determined to get it back.

  • Director: Tim McCanlies (Secondhand Lions, Smallville)
  • Writer: Tim McCanlies (Secondhand Lions, Smallville)
  • Cast: Devin Ratray, Tyler Francavilla, Mika Boorem
  • Executive Producer: Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment
  • Release Date: March 13, 2009
  • Film Location: Austin, Texas