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The 2 Bobs


The 2 Bobs is a video game geek freak out comedy based in

Austin, Texas. The story follows two gaming legends known as

The 2 Bobs. But just as they finish their ground-breaking

violent video game masterpiece, these gaming gurus discover

their precious game software has been stolen - and with it, their

livelihoods, genius reputations, and everything they own.


To get back their game - and their lives -The 2 Bobs and their fellow-geek employees     Munch, Doofus and The Dark Prince are forced to ‘turn detective' and plunge into the  strange world of Christian Venture Capitalists, aged Dixie Mafia hoodlums, and bizarre

Internet Spammers that inhabit Austin.


Written and Directed: Tim McCanlies (Secondhand Lions, Smallville)

Cast: Leonardo Nam, Cody Kasch, Tyler Francavilla, Devin Ratray, Jay Chandrasekhar, Mika Boorem

Producers: Anne Walker-McBay, Seth Caplan, Mark Mueller

Executive Producer: Mark Mueller of Voodoo Cowboy Entertainment