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Slam Planet: War of the Words


The feature length documentary, Slam Planet: War of the Words, gives

viewers an insight into the imaginative world of poetry slams. Poetry slams

are competitive events in which poets are judged on the way they perform

their work in three minutes or less. This film captures the creative and

transformative use of this raw, improvisational talent.


Slam Planet, directed by Mike Henry and Kyle Fuller, tells the story of two rival poetry teams from Austin, Texas and New York, New York. The film chronicles the teams as they prepare for and compete in the 2004 National Poetry Slam in St. Louis, Missouri.


In a review from, Laura Kyle says, “Slam Planet is a great-looking, well-paced film that'll instantly include viewers in the epic ‘war of words' it features. […] Fuller and Henry have great ability at knowing what their audience will respond to and it's lucky that such an interesting competition was taken into their hands.”


Involvement: Mark Mueller (Investor)

Directors: Kyle Fuller, Mike Henry

Cast: Celena Glenn, Christopher Lee, George McKibbens, Rachel McKibbens, Taylor Mali,

Zell Miller III

Producers: Kyle Fuller, Mike Henry

Executive Producer: Tim McClure (EP; ‘Drop Dead Sexy'; Writer; ‘Texas: the Big Picture (IMAX))

Cinematographers: Kyle Fuller, Mike Henry

Composer: DJ NickNack


Kyle, Laura. Slam Planet: War of the Words. 31 March 2006.